00: Contents

01 Vijaya Khader Diversification of Agriculture on Food, Nutrition and Health Security
02 William F. Jeffery, James D. Sellmann  Yapese Environmental Philosophy and Food Sustainability
03 Ria Fitriana Can Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) help accelerating gender recognition in fishery sector? :Case study Blue Swimming Crab in Indonesia
04 Tsaiyu Chang Qualitative Analysis of Vegetarian Dining in Japan as Experienced by Taiwanese Tourists
05 Soraj Hongladarom Identity-Policing and How One Changes One’s Identity for the Better
06 Charles V. Trappey, Amy J.C. Trappey Disrupting Consumer and Brand Loyalty: The Potential Risk to the Global Food Supply Chain
07 Kirill O. Thompson Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Food System: An Overview
08 Ryohei Yamashita Nexus of the awareness of ecosystem services as “public benefit value” and “utility value for consumption”
09 Simona Zollet Beyond teikei? Japanese organic farmers and the construction of producer-consumer relationships
10 Kunihiko Kobayashi Changes in the “public interest“ regarding exceptions to plant variety protection
11 Christoph D. D. Rupprecht Edible green infrastructure or edible landscapes?: A case for co-stewardship in multispecies commons
12 Seola Joo, Myung-Sun Chun Media Discourse about using fish at a local festival in Korea
13 Ayako Kawai Being cared by vegetables: understanding Japanese farmers’ seed saving practices from care ethics point of view
14 Archana Patnaik Civic food network and food security amid pandemic: Reflection on Indian case
15 Chandra Prasad Pokhrel, Lal Bahadur Thapa, Chandra Mohan Gurmachhan Cultivation Practices of Highland Rice Landraces “Kali Marshi” in Jumla, Nepal
16 Norie Tamura, Hein Mallee Japan’s Fishery Forest Movement as a Sustainability Transition
17 Chika Kondo, Maximilian Spiegelberg Mapping Complexity behind Minnanoshoku (Everyday Food): Uncovering Japan’s informal, wild, alternative, and local food practices within urban/rural foodscapes 
18 Mai Kobayashi Exploring the coexistence of diversification, mainstreaming and commodification of Meat production and consumption in Bhutan
19 Takashi Eguchi Saquerinha (Saké Cocktail) and Temaki Sushi: Propagation of Japanese food and saké in Brazil
20 Nobutsugu Kanzaki Research ethics for food ethics
21 Greg de St. Maurice Promoting agrobiodiversity maintenance via social media in Japan