Call for Paper

Dear everyone planning to participate in APSAFE2020,


Thank you very much for preparing your short paper submission for APSAFE2020! We have already received a number of exciting short papers, but we decided to extend the deadline until August 15th to make conferences more meaningful. (This deadline is a true deadline! No further extension.)



I sincerely look forward to reading your short paper. 

Best wishes,

Kazuhiko Ota 

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

July 31th 2020

Dear everyone planning to participate in APSAFE2020,


Thank you very much for preparing your short paper submission for APSAFE2020. I am sincerely look forward to hearing about your research and practice, as well as discussing about the future of food in December.

However, even now, many colleagues are faced with unexpected work and increased family responsibilities because the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, APSAFE2020 organizers have extend the deadline for submitting short papers to  July 31th. Depending on the number of short papers submitted, we may further extend the deadline up to August 15th (this decision will be made on July 31st, so please think as July 31th as the de facto deadline). 

Of course, early submissions are very welcome. We are happy to do an extensive review and comment on your short papers.


The purpose of APSAFE2020 is to create a place for more participants to exchange ideas and network together. Despite the fact that this is an online conference, I hope we can share our experiences about this difficult age.


Best wishes,

Kazuhiko Ota 

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

June 30th 2020

   The Asia Pacific Society of Agricultural and Food Ethics (APSAFE) invites researchers from around the world to submit short papers for presentation at our 2020 online conference on December 3-16. The two-week non-real-time conference will be held via business chat Slack.

We are calling for short papers to be discussed in the conference. 

   The conference will address a number of subthemes including: 

- Human-Animal Relationships

- Linking Social and Ecological Systems

- Degrowth

- Agroecology

- Food Sovereignty

- Foodscape

- Civic Food Networks

- Food Policy and Governance

- Foresight Methods

- Biodiversity

- Circular Economy

- Resilience

- Food Law

- Sustainability Transition

- Veterinary Ethics

- Social Practice

- Food Futures

- Gender

   All of these topics raise a question of value dilemmas that this conference aims to make more explicit. 


   The International Scientific Committee will review the submitted short papers. Papers will be selected based on content, available space, and overall program balance. Selected authors will be invited to submit a full paper to the journal Food Ethics published by Springer. All journal submission will be subject to full journal peer review.



   Short papers must be received by August 15th 2020. If you are unable to meet the deadline due to disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you are cannot decide to submit your short paper because uncertain online condition in the December, please contact the APSAFE2020 Secretariat. Short papers submitted by the deadline may be considered for the following opportunities. To be eligible, authors must indicate their interest in each of these following opportunities when completing the online submission form.


Call for Paper (PDF)

Submission Guidelines

   Please follow the guidelines when preparing/submitting short papers for submission to APSAFE 2020. Short papers that are not correctly formatted will not be reviewed, as they are automatically unlisted.


  • All short papers must be original.
  • The short papers should contain approx. 1,500 words in English.
  • Accepted short papers will be included in the conference proceedings.
  • Figures, tables, and references do not count toward the word limit.
  • File names of your short papers should contain your name.
  • Abstract Submission Deadline is August 15th 2020.
  • Please use this template.

The abstract submission process for APSAFE 2020 will be through emails or google forms .


Please email your short papers file to

The email should include the word Short paper in the subject, and a list of the following in the content: Name, Affiliation and Position.

Please safe yourself from some troubles just copy and paste the example below to your email, and modify the parts in blue appropriately.



Subject of your email: Short paper_OTA


1. Name   Kazuhiko OTA

2. Affiliation  Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

3. Position  Researcher

4. Title of your short paper  Food Ethics and Sustainable Transition Theory

Google Form

Please sign-in your google account and submit the following form.